Recorded Spring-Summer 2014
Released 4-24-2015
Produced and arranged by Sebastian Kulik
All songs written by Eric Vandenberg, except (*), written by Eric Vandenberg and Sebastian Kulik
all songs © 2015 Eric Vandenberg/THM


1. World Tonight
2. Black Hole * (listen HERE)
3. You Gave Me Colors
4. No Right
5. Dream-Quest
6. Heart Of The Desert *
7. Crimson Sky
8. Horizon Ahead
9. Southern Exposure *
10. Winter Skies
11. Day And Night *
12. Pay By The Note
13. World Tonight-Reprise


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Based on several requests: Yes, you can order the CD directly from me, as well,
and if you like, I can sign it and add a custom pick. If you're interested, just drop me an
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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Are all the songs new?
A: Pretty much. At least, none of the songs have been published in this version before.
"World Tonight" and "Horizon Ahead" were originally vocal-songs that I wrote for Venus Meadow.
They were played live in that version, yet never released.
I liked them so much, so I redid them, as in: rearranged them, rerecorded them, and based
the guitar-lines on the vocal-lines I had written.

Q: So what is the album like?
A: It's a guitar instrumental album. It's NOT a shred-workout, the songs are not meant to be
some kind of vehicle for fun licks. Each of these songs has a story behind it, and I really
like to play melodies... playing something like vocal-lines on the guitar, so I hope that
the songs are not only interesting for guitarists.
Of COURSE, there is a bit of "shredding", as it's part of my style, but I hope that aspect
balances out equally with the riffs and melodies.

Q: Can I order this directly from you?
A: Yes, simply drop me an email, a link can be found above. If you choose to purchase
this way, PayPal or a money transfer will work, even though I would prefer PayPal.
The prize is the same as on Amazon, but there will be a charge for shipping and handling,
depending on where you are located. Within Germany, S+H is 2 EUR, international
(anything outside Germany), it's five EUR.

Q: Can I get an autographed version?
A: Yes, you can if you would like that (thank you so much). If you order from me
directly, please specify that request and it will be done. Please note that, in order
to sign the case, the shrink-wrap will be removed before the CD is mailed
to you in a secure envelope.

Q: Where can I hear those songs live?
A: Currently, there are no live-shows scheduled, but I'd very much enjoy to
put the EVB back together and play the songs live. FOr now, if you attend
one of the clinics I do for Ibanez, you will hear several of these songs, as they
have been part of my setlist there for some time.

Q: Are there TABs?
A: Not yet. It would be quite some work to put these together, and I am not
sure how many people would actually be interested in a full TAB anyway.
If you have a question on a specific riff, melody or solo-lick, just email me
and I can TAB that.

Q: What gear did you use on the album?
A: Please check out the gear-section at my site, or this blog-post about the
guitars I used for each song.

Q: Already working on something new?
A: Yes! The plan is to record more music this summer, most likely for an EP
with something like six songs. Recordings for "Heavy Rootation" were finished
last fall, so I already have written new stuff.

Q: Why "Heavy Rootation"?
A: It's a word-play on the term "Heavy Rotation", and on the album,
I think it's not easy to hear where my roots are (blues, rock, metal,
shred, ballads, instrumental), and you will certainly hear licks inspired
by some of the players that influences me the most. So even though there is,
I hope quite some variety on here, I also went back to some of my roots for this.