Eric Vandenberg

- Born: 1977
- Started playing the guitar
at age 10
- Started teaching at age 15

- Graduate of the Musician'sInstitute, North Hollywood/CA,

- Contributing editor at
Guitar Magazine, Germany
- First instructional book,
"Talking Hands - A Guide To
Contemporary Lead Guitar-
Techniques" published worldwide
in 2006 (German & English)


 - Endorsing artist for :
Ibanez Guitars
D'Addario Strings
Mesa Boogie Amplifiers
Planet Waves
Zoom Effects

Performing clinics for above companies (and others in the
past) at: Musikmesse Frankfurt, NAMM, Musik Produktiv Messe,
Musikmesse Rendsburg, MyMusic Expo etc.


 - Leading the EVB (Eric Vandenberg Band),
playing live both in the US and Germany. First release "Hidden Creek" in 2006, most recent album "Heavy Rootation" was released
in April 2015

- Three times performing artist at the worldwide Guitar charity event "Jemfest" (proceeds going to Steve Vai's Make A Noise Foundation)

- Guitarist for Venus Meadow (Symphonic Metal)
and Aterial (Thrash)

- Many "hired gun" jobs for artists in Germany and the States

- Songwriting collaborations with artists from many different styles (country, pop, alternative, metal etc.)

- Session-work (jingles, albums etc) both in Germany and the States (more info soon)

 Eric with Paul Gilbert

 - Wrote instructional articles for Guitar Magazine ("Talking Hands"
and "Cranked")

- Wrote many instructional articles for and other instructional websites

- Performing workshops about playing, sound and tone for several different companies

More info soon!